GRIDNET wake up

Michael Reed mreed at
Mon Mar 17 14:20:40 UTC 1997

The whois contact has move to a better company (me)

the remaining engineers probable do no know who is being probed

you can contact them at twilkens at
lprovow at

> From: Randy Bush <randy at>
> To: nanog at
> Subject: GRIDNET wake up
> Date: Sunday, March 16, 1997 7:00 AM
> Dear GridNet:
> Mail to the contacts in your whois data bounces.  So we will make this a
> public plea:
>   o Fix your whois data.
>   o Please stop the SNMP probes from to our routers.  As
>     get no data as you do not know our community string, the continual
>     repition could be interpreted as a denial attack.
> rady

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