consistent policy != consistent announcements

Randy Bush randy at
Fri Mar 14 15:59:00 UTC 1997

>                     M
>                   /   \
>                  A     B      * Peer link
>                  |     *      | Customer link
>                  RRRRRRR
>           Point1 *     * Point2
>                  VVVVVVV
> I suppose that R should change their policy, so that all routes to M get
> treated as customer routes, even if non-customers appear in the path
> between R and M.

How is R supposed to recognize some likely disjoint set of of what A
announces to R as coming from M through B so as to recognize it as a
customer prefix?  Note that the paths from M to R through A and B can
be longer than depicted and that M's address space may not be taken
from R's, A's, or B's.


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