consistent policy != consistent announcements

Vince Fuller vaf at
Thu Mar 13 19:31:33 UTC 1997

    By the way, this general fact about BGP (external announcements are
    governed by internal route selection) also means that for Randy to
    always announce the same route to his peer, he would have to change his
    own, internal routing policy to do cold-potato routing to one of the
    two candidate paths.  This doesn't seem like a reasonable thing for a
    peer to demand he do.

Well, if that "candidate path" is, in fact, one of Randy's customer, then
I would expect him to "cold-potato" route toward it. One would think that
to be part of the service that his customer is purchasing. I certainly
shouldn't have to do "cold-potato" routing to his customer, as that customer
isn't purchasing anything from me.


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