Class "B" forsale (fwd)

Ichiro Mizukoshi ichiro at TokyoNet.AD.JP
Mon Mar 10 04:30:51 UTC 1997


Let me toss an Idea to encourage people to return address space.
	*) Charge to NIC's (whole) IP Database Entry as maintenace fee.

It will
 A) discourage people to store "not used addresses".
 B) Charging refresh the Database Entry, regullaly. So, addresses will not
be lost.
 C) Cost of the database maintenace should be payed by someone. Even the
address was allocated/assigned.

Database Entry is not the IP address. It's a set of IP addresses, its
administrative responsible is the same.


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From: "David R. Conrad" <davidc at>
Subject: Re: Class "B" forsale (fwd) 
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 1997 00:52:29 +0900

> 2) what incentive do you propose to give to encourage people to
>    return address space to the pool of "usable" addresses?  Given
>    that they have not done so already, it is safe to assume "for
>    the good of the Internet" is not sufficient.

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