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On Sun, 9 Mar 1997, Randy Bush wrote:

> > The measurement techniques described thus far focus on performance within 
> > the bounds of a single network.  While this is of course a challenge, what 
> > about efforts to measure performance _across_ networks?  I'm not talking 
> > about NAP packet loss here, but a true measure of expected customer 
> > satisfaction.
> Expectations of customer satisfaction are aleph nul or likely aleph one.

And someone called my name...

> Measurement of end user delivery are being done rather ad hack (hit the web
> site and see how high it bounces) by the folk at Intel, see
>     Network Working Group                      J. Sedayao, Intel Corporation
> 					   C. Bickerstaff, Intel Corporation
>     Internet Draft
>     Expiration Date: May 1997                                  November 1996
>      Simple End to End Metrics and Methods for Monitoring and Measuring IP
> 			      Provider Performance
> The IPPM WG is trying to work upward from a sound theoretical base.  See the
> other IPPM drafts and mailing list archives.

May I also suggest people take a look a Treno. If used consistently and
regularly it may give a rought estimate of connection quality for end
users across networks.

> randy

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