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Sun Mar 9 22:42:41 UTC 1997

On Sunday, March 09, 1997 4:35 PM, Stephen Sprunk[SMTP:spsprunk at] wrote:
@ Did you sign any such contract when you got your IP addresses?  Are there
@ any laws in your jurisdiction stating the ownership and appropriate use of
@ your addresses?

People who are homesteading may not have "signed" anything.
Other people may have signed papers and paid money.

@ There is no workable analogy in this case because there are no contracts and
@ no laws regarding anything on the Net at this point.  Until ARIN makes you
@ sign an acceptable-use agreement (and makes pre-1996 "owners" sign it too),
@ there can be no enforceable policy other than what the core router owners
@ decide.  Routability determines address assignment far more definitively
@ than a NIC board room full of cigar smoke and $10k fees.
@ Stephen Sprunk

How do you know...."there are no contracts and no laws"...?

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