Class "B" forsale (fwd)

Geoff Huston gih at
Sun Mar 9 22:23:45 UTC 1997

Of course this scenario breaks down quickly..

Listed registrant A "sells" to B who "sells" to C who...

Now the sucker who "buys" from C has the problem of tracing authenticity
of the "title" C is selling. This is not easy, particularly if B is less
than scrupulous and has "sold" title to a number of folk including
C, or if C is unscrupulous and is "selling" without have concluded
and transaction with B.

The Land Titles office is there for a damn fine reason. We ignore the
seeds of destructive anarchy in the IP address space at our collective
risk (or is that peril?)



>Given the registries do not allow for outright transfers of this sort
>directly (see RFC 2050), one course of action would be for the
>original "owner" to sell the "right of use" of the /16.  Of course,
>the appropriate action (according to RFC 2050 and historical Internet
>culture) would be for the original "owner" to return address space
>they don't need...

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