Cayman Island Scenarios

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On Sunday, March 09, 1997 1:09 AM, Brett L. Hawn[SMTP:blh at] wrote:
@ On Sun, 9 Mar 1997, David R. Conrad wrote:
@ Say I 'own' the fictional block, its swipped to me, everything
@ is in order as it should be. I decide for whatever reason to turn off my
@ routers, sell my equipment and move to the Caymans to enjoy the rest of my
@ life. I now have two choices, 1: Return my block to ARIN, or 2: Sell my
@ block to someone else and make a small (or large for that matter, I'm sure I
@ could sell it for a interesting sum of money) profit.
@ scenario 1:
@ It gets returned and some other poor fool has to jump through flaming hoops
@ and surive a pool of toxic waste to get a few IPs.
@ scenario 2:
@ I change all the records to point to them, swip it out to them, basically do
@ everything needed to make them the legitimate 'owners' of that block, they
@ pay me a nice lump of cash and we're both happy.
@ As I see it, changing ownership of IPs is no different than changing
@ ownership of a domain. 

Scenario 3:

	You sell the entire company before turning off the routers and
	the block stays with the operation on a lease arrangement.
	It eventually gets absorbed into a larger ISP and lost on the
	books in the mega transaction.

Scenario 4:

	You move to the Cayman Islands and set up a competing
	"NIC". One of the NICs currently operates out of the
	Seychelles, so maybe the Caymans are the next best
	place to start an address NIC.

Question: When companies like MCI and Bellcore get bought,
	do they have to turn all of their blocks back into the "NIC"
	and start over...;-)

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