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Brett L. Hawn blh at
Sun Mar 9 18:26:11 UTC 1997

On Sun, 9 Mar 1997, Michael Dillon wrote:

> > I think you miss my point, since the ARIN is for all intents and purposes
> > selling address space, who are they to say no? 
> But ARIN is *NOT* selling address space. That is not the intent of ARIN
> nor is it the purpose of ARIN. With that thought in mind, try reading
> through the material at once again.

Been there, read that, and I still say they're selling space, leasing space,
auctioning space, etc. Fact of the matter is they are _CHARGING MONEY_ (not
bannana peels) for services rendered. Their services are to hand out IP
space and maintain databases, therefor they are SELLING space.

> > doing, but I certainly can't say anything 'wrong' about it either.
> Read RFC2050. It has this statement
>    7.  The transfer of IP addresses from one party to another must be
>        approved by the regional registries.  The party trying to obtain
>        the IP address must meet the same criteria as if they were
>        requesting an IP address directly from the IR.

The last time I checked RFC's were not GOSPEL, they are a good idea to
follow but are NOT mandatory. I could turn around tomorrow and create an MUA
that doesn't follow the SMTP RFC except in the most remote cases and whats
going to happen? _NOTHING_, why? because RFCs simply are not the GOSPEL, and
lets face it, stupid traditions are just that, stupid traditions, this is no
longer your cozy little lounge, there are millions of people here and just
because you got here first doesn't mean you're allowed to make decisions for
the rest of them.

> According to that clause above, you can't SWIP it out to them without
> lying. Lying is wrong. According to the above clause, the new owner has to
> meet the same criteria for receiving address space as you do. If they
> did meet those criteria and if you charge them more than the cost of
> applying for free address space then you are ripping them off which is
> wrong.

Since I've already gone over the fact that RFCs can be treated just like
toilet paper (ie. Netscape, MSIE, and countless thousands of other products)
I'll ignore your primary argument as worthless.

They met my critiera, not yours, no lieing there, and if they're going to
pay my costs, thats not ripping them off, thats called business.

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