Class "B" forsale (fwd)

Brett L. Hawn blh at
Sun Mar 9 17:05:00 UTC 1997

On Sun, 9 Mar 1997, Nathan Stratton wrote:

> > It also does not prevent someone from selling not an IP address block, 
> > but selling ownership of a company that happens to own an IP address
> > block.  The geometric possibilities alone are astounding.....
> Yes, but the new company must justify the space to the nic.

Why? Is there a signed contract tht says I must return unwanted/unused space
to the nic? If so lets go recollect all those IPs being wasted by Frito-Lay,
MIT, and countless other orignizations that got their space before anyone
had to justify needs for IP space.

Face it, all the nic is, is a 'globally' (not totally true but good enough
for our purposes) storage facility that allocates its resources on a first
come, as needed basis. If I have a stockpile of typing paper that I'm
willing to sell because I don't need it should I sent it back to the
wharehouse or should I sell it to the guy next door who's willing to give me
10 bucks per carton?

You are assuming that the nic/ARIN is the end all be all of IP space, and
thats just not true. I could for example go to IANA and request space (no
doubt they would turn me down unless I had a damn good reason) if I wanted
to, one does _NOT_ have to go through the Nic/ARIN.

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