Class "B" forsale (fwd)

Brett L. Hawn blh at
Sun Mar 9 17:07:38 UTC 1997

Demand vs. Supply, this sounds like a 3rd grade economics class. This is no
longer a couple of colleges with a bunch of grad students folks. This is a
worldwide business (no matter how much me, you, or anyone else would like it
be something else) and people are here to make a dollar. If I can makea few
bucks (or a hell of a lot of bucks) by selling space that is mine to do with
as I please.. so be it.

On Sun, 9 Mar 1997, Joseph T. Klein wrote:

> More than a few people have hoarded, sold, and exchanged
> Class Bs for profit. Such exchanges should be given the
> same value as the deed to the Brooklyn Bridge and lunar
> land parcels.
> The result of a few gaining money for B space has been
> to encourage people to horde it.
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> From:   Joseph T. Klein, Titania Corporation
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> "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary
> safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
>                 -- Benjamin Franklin, 1759

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