Paul Vixie did not spam you (this is an automated response)

Douglas Warren dwarren at Alpha.NetUSA.Net
Thu Mar 6 21:34:32 UTC 1997

> No answer at the number and apparently non of these DNS machines are
> currently on the net... hmm.
> This guy  is causing my mail queues to fill up with a ton of bounces and
> flames and I don't appreciate it one bit.  The guys at forprofit have some
> friends at the FBI, but they say that everytime they try to go after these
> guys, the ISPs won't co-operate :)

We had the opposite recently, one of our customers was sending out spam.
After we canceled the account, they tried a chargeback on the credit
card, and we contacted the FBI for computer fraud, as the account was
purchased and contracted for personal use.  Personally I'd always cooperate
in such a matter.

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