Firewall in Routers??

dave o'leary doleary at
Wed Mar 5 17:17:34 UTC 1997

At 22:10 -0000 3/4/97, William S. Duncanson wrote:
>>At a recent Cisco seminar aimed at corporate customers, Cisco was
>>specifying the 7500 be used in all the following situations:
>>1. connecting a single mainframe computer to the campus backbone
>>2. connecting a large office to the campus backbone
>>3. connecting a remote office over frame relay at 512 kbs to the campus
>>backbone. But do not despair, if you are running at 256kb, you can drop
>>back to a 7200.
>>#3 implies we are over driving our 7500s.  If the 7500 is intended to
>>handle a single serial line at 512kb, no wonder it seems to get overloaded
>>on the backbone.

What was the title of the seminar you were attending and who was the
speaker?  Was this something on a slide or just something that the speaker

#1 is true since the CIP (Channel Interface Processor) only plugs into
	a 7000/7500 class box.  (unless of course you are using some
	other channel attached device and connecting the router via
	token ring or serial lines).

We'll try to sort out which mkting person was out running amok
and fix the presentation (and most likely the speaker).


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