Frame Relay Question

Kenneth E. Gray kegray at
Mon Mar 3 13:42:44 UTC 1997

Depends on how you want to simulate the frame.  A cisco router can act as a
switch, but it doesn't FECN or, if you're actually testing newer
features like Frame Relay Traffic Shaping you would be hard pressed to see
any benefit 8^).  However, quick and dirty emulation can be done with an old
cisco router (I personally use an AGS+ running 10.3 - the highest it can go
- with a ton of serial ports).  

At 04:37 PM 3/3/97 +0000, Scott Reubelt wrote:
>I have a question that could or should be able to be answered by this
>I'm looking to simulate a Frame Relay Internet environment between a
>couple of routers.  This will be internal and not connected to the
>internet, yet.  I will also need the ability to add nodes to this
>simulated WAN.  Does someone have a quick and dirty HW & SW list that I
>will need to purchase??
>Scott F. Reubelt
>sreubelt at  (
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