The Big Squeeze

Eric Kozowski kozowski at
Tue Mar 4 07:37:48 UTC 1997

>>From a single data point on my router, /24's currently account for 64% of
>>the routing table entries and for 65% of the flapping prefixes.  /16's
>>account for 12% of the routing table entries, and 10% of the flapping
>>prefixes.  It doesn't appear to me there is a significant difference
>>between flap behaivor of long prefixes and short prefixes.  There are
>>more long prefixes than short prefixes.  But as a group they both tend
>>to flap the same proportion of 2% of the routes within the group.
>Sorry, I'm not convinced this is the case. There is not enough
>empirical evidence.

Is there any empirical evidence to show otherwise?  Id' be interested in
seeing it.

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