Firewall in Routers??

Glynn Stanton glynn at
Tue Mar 4 02:12:24 UTC 1997

> I know that Bay is doing this with Checkpoint when (or soon after)
> FW-1 3.0 is released. I assume this would make a deal with cisco
> rather difficult, especially considering the way cisco has been
> pushing the PIX box against FW-1.

Just to throw in a little bit more info..

Theres little comparrison between the two.
PIX is more of an address translation unit with firewalling
Firewall-1 is a fully functional Firewall with limited address

i.e. PIX has a pool of IP addresses.. true address translation.
Firewall-1 does address 'hiding' making it look to the external world
like all connects come from a single IP.

I tend to prefer to keep routers as routers and firewalls as firewalls,
it reduces the CPU overhead, Problem Determination is easier, and 
configurations are kept in a distinct logical box.
Of course this is at the expense of cost, and space.

Glynn Stanton.

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