"routing table slots" and the real problem

Justin W. Newton justin at erols.com
Mon Mar 3 23:50:03 UTC 1997

At 06:16 PM 3/3/97 -0500, Nathan Stratton wrote:
>On Mon, 3 Mar 1997, Gary Zimmerman wrote:
>> Has anyone looked at Ascend's (NetStar Gigarouter).  We have and like the
>> direction.  If they continue to deliver, I think they are going in the
>> right direction.  Still some parts missing, I hope we can hold on until
>> they get here, but the direction is right.  I think the open idea is the
>> only way to go on this issue.
>We have been using them for about 5 months now, and I like them a lot. We
>have worked with Ascend to fix a large numbers of problems. They are very
>stable now, and have a lot of people working to make them better. 

Out of curiosity, where in your network are you using them?  What kind of
traffic loads are they seeing, etc etc?

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