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Paul A Vixie paul at
Sun Mar 2 20:39:28 UTC 1997

> My apologies, I don't know if this is appropriate
> or not.  I read, and didn't see
> how to report rogue sites.

For now you just mail to scott at  I'll recommend to him
that he set up a more permanent reporting address -- we registered the domain just for this kind of thing, but it's not being used
much yet.

> I've gotten spam from four times in the last four days.

Worldnet doesn't run Sendmail, which makes it harder for them to just
upgrade to 8.8.5 (or even 8.8.4) and then to implement the recommendations
in  However, they are working hard
on turning off outside-to-outside relay support, which unfortunately happens
to be an automated feature of most SMTP server software.  Unofficial reports
suggest that some time in mid-March they will be out of the spam relay biz.

Note that in spite of this, I have blackholed their main mail server.  I was
getting 10 spams a day through them at one point.  I guess the spammers
figured that Worldnet was to big to block.  (I guess they were wrong.)

> I've received no response from postmaster, and any mail
> I send back to the site says that the mailbox is full,
> so the message won't be delivered.

Indeed.  They're aware of the problem, their mailbox is full of other

> So, in future, how do I report a rogue site?  Should
> I simply mail scott mueller?

For now, yes.  It'll probably show up as report at soon, though.

NANOG is not the right place to discuss this.  See the usenet newsgroups
related to network abuse.

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