The Big Squeeze

Paul Ferguson pferguso at
Sun Mar 2 16:46:58 UTC 1997

At 11:33 AM 3/2/97 -0500, Jim Jagielski wrote:

>> Que sera, sera. Renumbering is a fact of life.
>> See: RFC1900, RFC2008, RFC2071.
>Never said it wasn't a fact a life, just that it's a painful
>one... And a disruptive one. Imagine the heartburn if a group with
>simply one ClassB was required to totally renumber to another...

I never meant to imply that it wasn't disliked and painful.

One also might suggest that address portability is very much dependent
on the prefix size and it's ability to aggregated (or not) elsewhere in
the global topology. Having said that, a /16 is generally considered

- paul

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