The Big Squeeze

Randy Bush randy at
Sun Mar 2 15:51:00 UTC 1997

>>> I would suggest that the largest percentage of flapping prefixes in the
>>> global routing system belong to prefixes longer than /19.
>> Hence the convention to damp differently for different lengths.  See one of
>> the foils in, which suggests that we
>> over here start following the European lead on this.
> Also, the dampening defaults:
> bgp dampening <halflife-time> <reuse> <suppress> <maximum-suppress-time>
> <halflife-time>     default is 15 minutes
> <reuse-value>       default is 750
> <suppress-value>    default is 2000 (I thought it was 1000, but docs indicate
>                     otherwise)
> <max-suppress-time> default 4 times halflife-time

Wellllll.  To be tactless .....

If the ops are heading toward the above-described convention, would it not
be cool if the router vendors made it the default?


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