The Big Squeeze

Paul Ferguson pferguso at
Sun Mar 2 15:00:26 UTC 1997

At 11:58 PM 3/1/97 -0500, Craig  Nordin wrote:

>Isn't there a way, if the InterNIC and the larger backbone operators 
>cooperated, that organizations having smaller armounts of address space
>would not be filtered out?
>Or is it technically impossible?

This isn't so much an issue of warm-fuzzy technical fairness, more than
it is one of provider (interior) network stability, and when it comes
to the latter, the providers who are filtering on prefix length are
doing so because they feel that it is in their best interest. I would
suggest that the largest percentage of flapping prefixes in the global
routing system belong to prefixes longer than /19.

This is not to say that they could be economical incentivized to
accept routes for arbitrarily long prefixes.


- paul

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