The Big Squeeze

Sean Donelan SEAN at SDG.DRA.COM
Sun Mar 2 06:12:05 UTC 1997

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>The address allocation scheme is geared towards trying to promote
>utilization of IP space, thus the sorta "take just what you
>need" methodology.
>The filters that you talk of seem to me to be crude
>proxies for controlling routing space on a particular 
>providers network, this seems to me to be a reasonable
>thing (i.e. they have to make their network work).  

Except the current allocation practices seem at odds with the
goal of minimizing route table growth.  Why is it better to
allocate several non-agregatable blocks that are 'just' the
right size rather than one aggregatable block the next size

So which do providers really want to minimize, the number
of route entries or the size of individual route entries?
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