Plethora of UUnet outages and instabilities

Alex Rubenstein alex at
Mon Jun 30 22:18:06 UTC 1997

All I know is they suck moose nipples, and I disconnected from them last
week. They have been having problems in/around cr1.nyc1 for MONTHS now, and
they are doing nothing (that I can see) to fix it. Thier first-level
support is horrendous. One guy once said to me, "Routers have
processors?!". Another hung up when I told him to put "CUSTOMER IS IRATE"
on the trouble ticket. 

There are some GOOD guys over there, but them seem to be disappearing? (are
you there, Mr. Hannan?)

HELLO, GENUITY (anyone who is looking for a new provider, Genuity is DAMN
good. and a DAMN good NOC. Sales guys are a little whacky, tho).

At 02:12 PM 6/30/97 -0700, Josh Beck wrote:
>Has everyone else been seeing the almost daily UUnet outages recently,
>does anyone know what the true causes of these have been?


 "Don't go with a spineless ISP;
	we have more backbone."	

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