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Sun Jun 29 21:08:07 UTC 1997

On Jun 27, Jack Rickard <jack.rickard at> wrote: 

> I probably don't agree that it is not a reliable way to draw conclusions
> about backbone performance.  The index has drawn criticism because it
> points up winners and losers and that's about it.  There is no way to do
> this without criticism, and indeed it should be part of the process.

	If you had actually read some of the responses without having
	made up your mind beforehand (which, as I recall from when I
	was a journalism student, is a sure sign that your pretenses
	of objectivity are lost), you might notice that both "winners"
	and "losers" are pointing out the SAME flaws in the study.

	Please go re-read the archives with a more open mind. 

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