Keynote/Boardwatch Internet Backbone Index A better test!!!

Jack Rickard jack.rickard at
Sat Jun 28 15:50:43 UTC 1997

It's not embarrassing to me Randy.  I'm in my element and having a ball. I
haven't heard this much screeching in months. Go girlfriend. 

Jack Rickard

> From: Randy Bush <randy at>
> To: Jack Rickard <jack.rickard at>
> Cc: nanog at
> Subject: Re: Keynote/Boardwatch Internet Backbone Index  A better test!!!
> Date: Saturday, June 28, 1997 12:00 AM
> >> I want to measure the response of each ISP's marketing department.  So
> >> will send a certified letter to their office of record in Deleware,
> >> report how long before I get the receipt back.  Maybe I well do this
> >> 30 letters to get better data.
> > I'm with you to a point.  But NONE of the measurements were taken from
> > Jack's house.
> So send the registered letters from 50 places.  Same basic conceptual
> You are not measuring anything like what you claim.
> But you seem not to want to hear this, so I will plonk this whole
> embarrassing (to you) thread.  Bye now.
> randy

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