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Sat Jun 28 04:08:32 UTC 1997

Here's the original one (different guy)....

Unless its one of JF's friends getting us to waste cycles, my guess is
that these kids are entering "floods" into a search engine, and are
sending spam quantities of requests for info for their projects. I guess
"SYN floods" gets the search engine's attention...

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  I am doing a project for school and I was wondering if you could
answer my
question.  What can be done to reduce the amount of flood damage?

Rodney Joffe
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> Looks like the same one. As I recall, he got many, many answers. Some
> even
> addressed his question....
> >Did this message get lost in a temporal warp about
> >3 months long or so?  I seem to remember a thread
> >> 
> >> I'm doing a project for school.Can you help?what is the scientific
> >> principle for floods?Thanks!
> >
> >
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