Cisco access-lists ???

Randy Bush randy at
Fri Jun 27 22:10:00 UTC 1997

> I'm looking at Interesting Parameters for flap dampening 
> and I don't know how to write the ACL.  How do you write an 
> access list to ignore the network and only look at a range 
> of mask bits?


The 'discussion' of Jack's report seems to have overwhelmed an actual
operational question.  I am shocked and surprised.

In cisco parlance, such an entry might be

    access-list 142 deny ip any

which blocks any prefix longer than a /24.

As to how to express the dampening in the report you mention, could someone
who has it actually installed (come on RV, SD, ...) and debugged please
post?  I have exceeded my error quota for the day.  Thanks.


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