Keynote/Boardwatch Internet Backbone Index A better test!!!

Jack Rickard jack.rickard at
Fri Jun 27 17:13:50 UTC 1997

Not an entirely whacky concept actually.  The way hot potato routing works,
this could actually be a "purer" test I suspect of the network internally
and a purer test of connectivity of any network to all others cum Internet.
 At least in the other direction, complementing what we are probably
measuring. Unfortunately, it would require the cooperation of the backbones
themselves, and a number of them would not find it in their interest,
consider it proprietary, etc. etc. ad nauseum.  The problem is, that many
of these companies benefit in the marketplace from this game of liars
poker, and don't WANT ****ANY**** testing or results.  

Keynote does a "Top 40" study of 40 popular web sites and I believe they
make the results available on their web site.  It is interesting to observe
performance variations of the network as a whole over time.  Other than
that, we don't have much interest in it.  It is indicative of no specific
network, but of the Internet in general.

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> Subject: RE: Keynote/Boardwatch Internet Backbone Index  A better test!!!
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> I would like to see the test run again with the following change.  
> >From each provider test the response time of the other 28 sites and not
> the providers own web server.  Then average the response times for these
> other 28 web servers and report that average response time from that
> provider.  The providers with good connectivity to the rest of the net
> should have lower average response time.  
> P.S. One might also be interested in the top one hundred web sites
> average response time.
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