Keynote/Boardwatch Internet Backbone Index A better test!!!

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Thanks for the suggestions. We're considering doing a follow-up and perhaps making
this a regular feature every 2 or 4 months thereafter. We've received a few suggestions
for methodology changes/enhancements, and also several emails so far denouncing our
methodology but not explaining why (which is typical of people in many areas -- politics,
the environment, economics, whatever -- who disagree emotionally but not intellectually
with the conclusions of a study).

The current methodology generally shows how a web site connected to a particular
backbone appears to the general internet population of users. The results are intended 
to be a guide (but not the only one) for helping web sites select or evaluate a collocation, 
hosting, or access provider.

Your methodology suggestion would be useful to include because its results would also help
end-users select their dial-up ISPs based on the backbone that those ISPs are connected

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I would like to see the test run again with the following change.  

>From each provider test the response time of the other 28 sites and not
the providers own web server.  Then average the response times for these
other 28 web servers and report that average response time from that
provider.  The providers with good connectivity to the rest of the net
should have lower average response time.  

P.S. One might also be interested in the top one hundred web sites
average response time.

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