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Interesting enough,

Take this little tidbit.  The methodology in general was performance
testing of the backbone's web site.  (Which in itself is probably an
accurate measurement goal for the level of subscribers to that 
magazine)  However, Nap.Net's web site was sitting behind a 
Fractional T1 off of our chicago node while the web page was 
being overhauled during this test period.  So, the rating for
Nap.Net reflects a Fractional (actually 22 channels) T1 
performance.  This is interesting in the light that Nap.Net 
still scored above the average and the median.


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I guess it was only a matter of time.  The Keynote/Boardwatch
Internet Backbone Index

I'm not going to comment on the methodology flaws, but it does
show what will fill the information gap.  I do like the line "The
world's fastest network provides good service to its users only if it
does a good job of connecting to the rest of the Internet."  Unfortunately
I don't think this study really shows that.
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