MCI outages (summary)

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Thu Jun 26 19:27:56 UTC 1997

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> (I hope the formatting is OK.  I'm not a Lotus Notes fan ...)

	Switch to a fixed-width font and you should be okay.

> For those ISP/IBP's out there, can a BGP peer open a trouble ticket with
> you to have a problem looked at?  Or does the "paying customer" have to
> open the TT.  What if I can't get the "paying customer" to open up the TT

	If a peer is having trouble getting to one of our paying
	customers, I'd certainly open a ticket -- it's a real
	problem that needs to be fixed, so it doesn't matter if
	it was the customer or a peer or our monitoring system
	or some guy walking past on the sidewalk who noticed the
	sign on the door who tells us about it.

	Of course, I'd then immediately contact the customer to
	(a) make sure they know we're working on it, and (b) make
	sure they want it worked on.  The customer always has a
	right to be down if they so choose.  *grin*

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