MCI outages (summary)

Robert_Gutierrez at Robert_Gutierrez at
Thu Jun 26 18:34:07 UTC 1997

>     I think the traceroute fails at this hop.  Outages work just like
> routing, you pay , X pays MCI, if your not happy you call X,
> X calls MCI, if X doesn't call MCI, then why would you buy service from
> them?  This is the standard operator proceure, if there ever was one.
(I hope the formatting is OK.  I'm not a Lotus Notes fan ...)

OK, here's a scenario for you.  Traceroute fails inside MCI somewhere.  So
call your upstream, and said upstream only has a peering relationship with
MCI -- ie: not a paying customer.  I'm under the impression that unless
a paying customer, then (to quote a 70's phrase) "you don't have nothin'

For those ISP/IBP's out there, can a BGP peer open a trouble ticket with
you to have a problem looked at?  Or does the "paying customer" have to
open the TT.  What if I can't get the "paying customer" to open up the TT
(ie: you think I can get to open a TT with their upstream, as if
would care longer than the time to hit the "D" key on my message).


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