MCI outages (summary)

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In message <6119.wsimpson at>, "William Allen Simpson" writes:
>>From: "Jeff Young" <young at>
>>you've been around long enough to know the drill, you call
>>your upstream, he calls his, etc., etc.,
>Actually, the "drill" is as follows:
> 1) makes sure it's not a problem with my upstream, that is singly homed
>    to MCI.  It wasn't.
> 2) since my upstream is singly homed, they have no interest in solving
>    MCI routing problems, and refer all such calls to the MCI NOC.

I think the traceroute fails at this hop.  Outages work just like
routing, you pay , X pays MCI, if your not happy you call X,
X calls MCI, if X doesn't call MCI, then why would you buy service from
them?  This is the standard operator proceure, if there ever was one.
(In this case X hasa circuit id, and the problem will get through to
the correct noc people that can look up IP addresses, providing a bunch of
bozo's are calling into the MCI noc pretending to be customers, wasting
everyone's time.

> 3) in this case, since the other site was known to me, call them and
>    see if they are experiencing a problem.  Yes, they were having some
>    problems with MCI, too.  They are also singly homed.
> 4) traceroutes clearly showed that it was an MCI problem.
> 5) call MCI NOC with information.
> 6) get shrugged off with a recommendation that I send my problem to
>    trouble at  This would be amazing if it were not so incredibly
>    stupid, since it was my inability to get my email that brought the
>    problem to my attention.
>>you expect our
>>front line noc to know you by name?
>Goodness gracious, while that personal touch can be pleasant, it is not
>required.  But, I do expect them to have an idea what the IP addresses
>of their own routers are, and not have to go on hold to find out about
>> From: Sean Donelan <SEAN at SDG.DRA.COM>
>> If you've been around long enough, you remember the days when
>> the MCI NOC used to flat-out refuse to do inter-provider referals.
>> .From first-hand experience, I know they've told their customers to
>> call the other provider directly, even when both networks involved
>> were direct MCI customers.
>In my experience, most smaller NOCs refuse to do inter-provider
>referrals these days.  Too many levels.
>> But I have accumulated a large collection of 1-800
>> numbers that I can use to call people I know by name :-).  I prefer
>> to go through channels, but when the channels don't work, I'm just
>> as comfortable using any means necessary.
>Same here.
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