Network IP analysis?

Joe Shaw jshaw at
Wed Jun 25 14:53:59 UTC 1997

On Wed, 25 Jun 1997, Martin J. Hannigan wrote:

> I'm sorry I can't post the ftp sites. Can't think of them off the top
> of my head and too late to search. Apologies. Maybe someone else knows
> firsthand?

MRTG is available at:
MRTG requires perl5 and the GD Graphics Library which can be found at  Very easy to use, and quite a lot you can get
out of it, although it really only shows the amount of traffic on a
network, not the specific types of traffic that are going through link.

MRTG also has a mailing list, which can be subscribed to by sending mail
to mrtg-request at with "subscribe" as the subject.  Also, if
it's still on the shelves, Linux Journal did a great story on Network
monitoring tools in the June 1997 issue.

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