Network IP analysis?

Martin J. Hannigan hannigan at
Wed Jun 25 05:17:12 UTC 1997

> Howdy,
> Does anyone know of any good IP monitoring tools that can log/monitor the
> TYPES of IP traffic going across your netowork (ie: one that logs tcp/udp and
> esp port numbers/types of traffic)?  Something that could query a router

The "etherman" tool suite out of Curtin University in Austalia is a free

> would be nice, although I am unaware of any routers that support such a feature.

I just recently snagged MRTG, a freeware SMNP package that will poll a router
allowing snmp access. It seems like a simple traffic monitoring/averaging/history
program that is too simple to use, but provides easy to understand information
in a visual context. Cisco's are really easy to configure for snmp polling
by MRTG.

I'm sorry I can't post the ftp sites. Can't think of them off the top
of my head and too late to search. Apologies. Maybe someone else knows


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