Network IP analysis?

Joe Shaw jshaw at
Wed Jun 25 05:09:13 UTC 1997

A Network General sniffer will do this for you, and it's a really nice
(read expensive) piece of equipment to have.  They go for around $26,000
(someone correct me if I'm wrong... I've never bought one myself).  If
that's out of your price range, there's always sniffer software for your
platform/os.  Also, there's a piece of software for sys V/solaris (forget
which one) that will show you the types of network connections between
machines on your network that runs in X/openwin.  I didn't work with
the program directly, but it laid everything out in a nice chart, and
showed the whole range of traffic types (udp/tcp/etc.)...  I'm sure
someone on the list knows the name of it...

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On Tue, 24 Jun 1997, Bruce Potter wrote:

> Howdy,
> Does anyone know of any good IP monitoring tools that can log/monitor the
> TYPES of IP traffic going across your netowork (ie: one that logs tcp/udp and
> esp port numbers/types of traffic)?  Something that could query a router
> would be nice, although I am unaware of any routers that support such a feature.
> Even something that you could put on a box on the same ethernet subnet would
> do the job.  I'm curious as to the types of traffic our customers are pushing
> as I am attempting to better analyze our usage.
> Thanks.
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