Anyone using HTTP to configure ciscos? (and FS: 7513s)

Ehud Gavron GAVRON at ACES.COM
Thu Jun 19 17:44:51 UTC 1997

Any major players using HTTP to configure Cisco routers?  If so,
would you be willing to share how you prevent your operators from
turning into idiots, how you share some config-file elements and
not others, and what you do about "strange" things like really
weird bgp filters...

p.s. I have these two extra 7513s... make offer...

Product Number  Description 	Qty	List	
CISCO7513	Cisco 7513	2	24900	
		13-Slot, 2
		CyBus, 1 RSP2,
		1 AC Supply

PWR-7513	Cisco 7513	2	    0	
		AC Power Supply
		Option (Default)

CAB-7513AC	AC Power Cord	2	    0   
		North America

SF75AN-11.1.9	RSP1, RSP2, 	2	14500	
		RSP7000 IOS
		Enterprise and
		APPN Feature Set

RSP2		Cisco 7507/7513	2	    0	
		Route Switch			

MEM-RSP-FLC16M	RSP Flash	2	    0	
		Credit Card:
		16MB Option

MEM-RSP-32M	RSP 32 MB	2	    0   
		DRAM Option

CX-FEIP-2TX	1-Port Fast	2	14000	

CX-AIP-SS	ATM 		2	25000	
		155 Mbps
Total Pricing			       128,800

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