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J.D. Falk jdfalk at
Thu Jun 19 02:43:28 UTC 1997

On Jun 18, Brian Horvitz <horvitz at> wrote: 

> Can someone give me a clue on filtering mail on using the stock sendmail
> that comes with Solaris?

	I can probably point you in the right direction (it's a
	hobby of mine), but the first step is unquestionably
	to upgrade to a modern sendmail.

> Anyway, I have the email address that
> he is using as for the FROM: field so I'd like to simply block that out.

	That won't be enough.  Now that one spammer knows your
	site allows relaying, you can expect more to do the same

> Help would be appreciated.

	The best resource is -- the patches
	and recipes at don't work for
	everybody yet.  Feel free to bug me privately if you've
	got any questions about which one to use, etc.

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