Cisco in bed with the commies!

Jon Green jcgreen at
Tue Jun 17 18:35:06 UTC 1997

NOTE: This is not intended to be serious.  :)

I think we should all boycott Cisco over this (not that I'd buy their
products in the first place..)  Their partnership with censors of a 
communist regime is repugnant.  Using the modern technology to build a
giant brainwashing machine is very scary.

SAN JOSE, Calif. - June 17, 1997 - The Beijing Telecommunications 
Administration (BTA) has selected Cisco Systems' StrataCom(R) Asynchronous 
Transfer Mode (ATM) switches for the city's first metropolitan-area 
network (MAN). The new multimillion-dollar ATM network will carry much 
of Beijing's Internet, corporate and intragovernmental data traffic. 
In addition to consolidating the capital's existing X.25 and low-speed 
data traffic, the network will provide Frame Relay services and citywide, 
high-speed data connectivity. 


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