Any from PSI on this list?

John Curran jcurran at
Mon Jun 16 21:24:28 UTC 1997

At 12:11 6/16/97, Doug Davis wrote:
>I have a similer problem with BBN.  They have a pop <14 feet from me in
>Dallas.   I can't get past the "retail sales" blockage to reach a
>technical person inorder to discuss peerage.  Email to ops at bbnplanet
>eventually dissapears.  This even after BBN people at nanog have said
>that in these type of cases they could be interested in this sort of
>private peerage.

Mumble...  requests should be sent to "peering at";
you'll get back a reply/questionaire which starts the process.
If you don't have nationwide infrastructure, you may not be 
terribly impressed by our response.

>Everyone probably just has too much work to do :-(

It beats the alternative... :-),

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