Any ideas what is happening to Alternet's backbone?

Mike Kerr mkerr at
Mon Jun 16 21:55:26 UTC 1997

On Mon, 16 Jun 1997, Curtis Generous wrote:

> Anyone have any info on Alternet's outage?  We have had to shutdown several
> interfaces to Alternet routers in the Washington DC area as they appear to have been
> blackholing our packets.  Calls to their NOC have not been able to gather
> any further information.

This is taken from their ops web page.  I don't know much beyond this...

June 16, 1997

UUNET is currently experiencing hardware problems within our Chicago, 
Newark, and Washington DC hubs.  This is causing routing instabilities
across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions.  All traffic
attempting to pass through the Chicago, Newark, or Washington DC hubs
will experience difficulties.  Customers can expect to experience service
interruptions throughout the evening hours until UUNET has resolved
this problem.


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