Digital SNMP Pollable Thermometers

Tim Keanini blast at
Mon Jun 16 13:57:07 UTC 1997

On Sat, 14 Jun 1997, Thomas Novak wrote:

> Sorry got in late here but I believe this thread started as a RFI on SNMP
> Pollable Thermometers. You may want to inquire further with American Power
> Conversion 
> They make a component called a Measure-UPS that can monitor temperature and
> humidity. The unit mounts in an expansion unit and MIB is mapped to
> temperature and humidity
> It also has I believe four dry contact switches that can be hooked to a
> variety of devices. The status of the switches are controlled via
> dip-switches on the unit as to whether the are normally open or normally
> closed. I have used the Measure-UPS unit with a microswitch mounted in my
> remote equipment door. 

We use it too.  We have one of the dry contact switches hooked
to a salted sponge that is on the floor.  I sure hope I never see
a trap from this one. :-)
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