Internet outages

Randy Bush randy at
Sun Jun 15 21:40:00 UTC 1997

> I just checked my subscription, and I think I'm still subscribed to it.
> But I haven't seen anything posted on outage-discuss at since
> last year.

Maybe Stan should subscribe it to the outage lists of all major ISPs.  But I
fear that three months out it will be swamped with irrelevant outage notices
from TeenieNet telling us that their usenet news server is down, and we'll
all unsubscribe.  Maybe I am being to cynical?

Essentially, it is hard to get balance at the scale of the net as it is
today.  One either gets too much or too little.  And this problem will not
be decreasing in the near future.

> The last thing I remember was a brief announcement of Craig's Inter-
> Provider Notification web pages.

Another failure of what seemed to be a good idea.  Folk did not seem to look
at it before calling our touble desk.  So we stopped posting planned outages
to it.  But maybe we did not know how many people checked it and did not
call.  But the call rate did not go up when we stopped posting to IPN.


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