Digital SNMP Pollable Thermometers

Joseph C. Pistritto jcp at
Sun Jun 15 19:25:33 UTC 1997

At 04:38 PM 6/14/97 +0100, Alex.Bligh wrote:
>> Mercedes-Benz automobiles also will have this feature through wireless 
>> access via the CAN-Bus. Outside air temperature, engine temperature and 
>> several passenger compartment comfort settings are accessible.
>IMHO parking a Merc inside your NOC to tell the temperature is overkill.
>Alex Bligh
>Xara Networks

Not at all.  Consider it a mobile emergency backup generator with really
good packaging.  Oh, and of course, time and temperature indication.  If I
were still working for the US government, I bet I could even write the
purchasing document for one.

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