Internet outages

Lee Sweet leesweet at
Sun Jun 15 10:50:03 UTC 1997

Here's a question about the content of nanog (the list)...  I was
originally pointed to nanog as a place to hear about Internet
outage/problems.  Well, so far (over about a month), I think I've seen two
messages that were relayed from Sprint about more-or less real-time problem
statuses.  So, here's the question:  is there any good (better :-) way to
get real-time (or so) notification of nationwide or local problems?

My point is that I run IP connectivity for a company of 200 heavy Internet
users.  Almost daily they ask (whiningly...) " I can't get to
What's up" (or it's "Awful slow getting to").  Any good (timely
and valid way) to tell the status of the 'net?  (Now I do know about the
Internet Weather sites, but I was originally looking for more along the
Sprint announcements from all major network providers saying that there was
trouble on the East Coast, etc. I'm not sure the Internet Weather site
tells you the same thing, especially not real-time...

Any pointers? Thanks!

(Now, I'm not saying the list hasn't been informative, especially the
dozens of messages about the DNS wars and NANOG politics! :-)  I joined the
list right then and stuck it out and glad to see it calmed down!
Lee Sweet
leesweet at

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