Routing problems at sprintnap?

Andrew Partan asp at
Sat Jun 14 02:45:15 UTC 1997

AS 400 started announcing some 8000+ routes some time between 17:00
and 18:00 EDT today.  AS 400 is behind AS 568 (DISA).  Various
folks have now blocked either just _400_ from DISA or blocked all
routes with DISA or turned off peering with DISA.  Most of these
bad routes are now gone in most places.

There are still lingering pockets of bad routes due to folks running
old cisco code - remember the AS 7700 incident where the bad routes
hung around for at least 24+ hours?  Cisco has fixed this stuck
route problem, but not everyone has upgraded all of their routers.
A work around is to clear BGP sessions to get rid of the routes.

[I've been on the phone with various NOCs and engineers with Sprint,
MCI, Verio (my NOC) and DISA for the last several hours.]
	--asp at (Andrew Partan)

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