InterNIC whois not answering?

Arnaud Girsch girsch at
Thu Jun 12 20:19:12 UTC 1997

> Joseph McDonald wrote:
> > 
> > Is anyone else out there having trouble doing a whois to
> >  I've tried from 3 diff networks and can't get an
> > answer.  This has been going on for at least 2 hours.  Most frustrating.
> > 
> > -joe
> Everyone !!
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InterNIC Relocation and Expansion Advisory
June 11, 1997

In the next few days, Network Solutions' InterNIC operation will
be relocating and expanding. Every effort has been made to
minimize service disruption during this transition.

As part of this expansion, Network Solutions will install a new
state-of-the-art telecommunications capability and will upgrade
much of its networking infrastructure. As a result, you will
notice faster responses from both our telephone and Internet-based
support services. These enhancements are part of our ongoing effort
to improve customer and account services.

Please note: primary contact information will remain the same.

It might explain the problems seen.


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