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Thu Jun 12 04:24:01 UTC 1997

I received the following from Jon Postel.  Posted with his permission.

>Thanks for asking.
>The USDNS organization is esentially a broker for domain names in the
>US (and maybe other) domains.
>The idea seems to be that if a customer wants a domain name and does
>not know how to get it he can go to the broker and ask for what he
>wants.  The broker then does the work by contacting the appropriate
>domain manager and getting the name registered and paying any fees due
>to the domain manager.  The broker adds on his own fee and bills the
>There seem to be several such services in operation.
>Some people seem to be glad to find such helpful services, other people
>seem to think that since these services charge you for something you
>could do directly yourself for less there is something wrong about
>their existance.
>In the world there are many such services, we all make tradeoffs every
>day between doing something ourselves vs using a service to do it for
>us.  We all trade money vs time and/or knowledge and/or skill.
>The US Domain Administration does not make any recommendations positive
>or negative about such services.

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