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Wed Jun 11 20:25:39 UTC 1997

On Wed, Jun 11, 1997 at 12:31:50PM -0700, Eric Kozowski wrote:
> I just received a fishy call from a guy a  Bottom line is they want
> to bill for .US domain registrations and give us a kickback for the .US    
> subdomains that we host.
> What do any of you know about this group?       
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That figures.

There be lots of scamming going on in .US, and the IANA is responsible for
all of it.  They have handed out hundreds of registries to companies which
aren't even remotely in the same geographic area as the part of the TLD
being served.

One of our customers (the City of Aurora) was badly screwed by the holder of
the delegation for that area; frankly, if anyone deserves to be able to
manage that delegation, its the organization to which the delegation would

I don't know where Mr. Postel gets his cajones, but they're big and brass
when it comes to this stuff.

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