Ascend GRF

Neil J. McRae neil at
Wed Jun 11 18:07:04 UTC 1997

> I've been hearing conflicting stories about the Ascend GRF lately.
> Cisco claims that it doesn't really work as advertised in "realistic
> networks," but Ascend says this is because Cisco's routers melt down
> when the GRF feeds them routing table updates, so the GRF has to be
> throttled back to work in a mixed environment.
> Does anybody have any real experience here?  Any information, pointers,
> anecdotes, or wild rumors would help.
I'm using a GRF talking to a CISCO 7K over a DS-3 on ATM using
full BGP4 and route reflection and we've had no problems, other than
Ascends subtle changed to gated which are a little confusing.

The router is quite spectacular, Our backbone is 155M based and
so far the GRF hasn't had a single problem in over 3 weeks of testing.

The only thing that pisses me off about Ascend is that the documentation
could be better.

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